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Automatic Sawing

PDF, Inc.’s Marvel 2125 Touch Tech Auto Saw is an automated way of accurately cutting different types of structural steel for fabrication. With a PC interface the operator enters the dimensions and angles required as well as the quantities and then loads the material onto the conveyor. The operator then sets up the material starting with a trim cut to establish an even and square point of reference to begin cutting the parts. The PC then takes over and automatically advances the material after each cut has completed as it easily changes from one angle to another.

The auto saw is especially effective when fabricating large projects that have multiple parts of the same or even different lengths and complex angles. Providing the fabricator with the accurate parts needed faster and at a cost savings. The saw operator can load a single length or an entire bundle of material. The auto saw is definitely the better choice for higher productivity in a manufacturing plant.

Marvel Auto Saw

  • Touch Tech 60
  • 60 degree miter band saw
  • Capacity: 20″ x 25″
  • Bar feeding with 48″ index

Marvel Auto Saw

Round Material
At Degree Diameter Diameter
@0 deg. 20.00″ 508mm Dia.
@45 deg. 17.00″ 432mm Dia.
@60 deg. 11.25″ 286mm Dia.

Rectangle Material
At Degree (W x H) std. Column Diameter
@0 deg. 20.00″ x 25.00″ 508mm x 635mm
@45 deg. 20.00″ x 17.00″ 508mm x 432mm
@60 deg. 20.00″ x 11.25″ 508mm x 286mm

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