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About PDF, Inc.

PDF, Inc. was incorporated in 1994 and is a privately owned company. We started in business with 7 individuals. Today we employ over 150 people. We are currently classified as a small business.

PDF, Inc. is a specialty design and fabrication / manufacturing facility producing parts as well as special OEM machinery and equipment which is marketed under the brand name of Process Development & Fabrication, Inc. Our specialty designed equipment is fabricated for the specific needs of each individual customer. This equipment is then shipped through the United States, as well as 15 countries around the world. PDF, Inc. is headquartered in Brazil, Indiana.


Whether you need a small piece of equipment for inspection purposes, a 900 foot assembly line, or even an entire plant design & layout, there is no project that is too small or too large for us to handle. We are “Building for the World.”

We have the personnel on hand to satisfy the needs of our customers in many different ways. We can help with maintenance, training, robotics, electrical systems integration, electro-mechanical engineering and fluid power specialization, among many others.

We have worked hard to develop relationships with many different industries.


PDF is ISO 9001-2015 certified, and is working on further certifications.


Today, it is difficult, if not impossible, for any company to compete aggressively without the confidence that comes from strong relationships with their customers as well as their suppliers. In a partnership, we do not have to spend time defending our share of the customers’ business. Instead, we can work full time on improving quality, managing costs, and making long term investments that yield better parts and better service for our customers. We have found this method to be the most effective way to support innovation and to improve service, thus ensuring success in the marketplace for all concerned. PDF, Inc. looks forward to such partnerships with their customers.


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