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Sheet Metal Parts Manufacturing

At PDF, we manufacture complex sheet metal parts for a broad range of industries in the United States and all over the globe. We also offer essential solutions and services such as laser cutting, metal forming, sheet rolling, assembly, and many more to meet your custom manufacturing needs.

Whether you require large or small metal components, we can handle it all while strictly adhering to your specific manufacturing requirements!

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Sheet Metal Manufacturing Methods

Sheet metal manufacturing encompasses a wide range of processes that modify the original shape of a metal sheet to fabricate desired parts and components. Moreover, it is systematic and must include the proper techniques.

At PDF, we offer the following sheet metal manufacturing services:

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting enables sheet metal to be formed into complex designs or parts. It uses a focused laser to melt or burn the material. Laser-cut components are commonly utilized in the aerospace, automotive, electronics, and healthcare industries.

PDF is equipped with seven laser tables with varying parameters, allowing us to cut a variety of parts without additional tooling. We also ensure that our customers receive their requested components quickly and affordably by using advanced technology in cutting holes or etching parts.

Metal Forming

Metal forming is a manufacturing technique that utilizes sheets or tubing to create structural components and parts. The primary method is bending or deforming a workpiece to achieve a specific shape or structure. In addition, the metal does not lose its mass during the process, only its form. Some common types used in different industries are bending, deep drawing, stretching, and roll forming.

PDF has metal forming capabilities ranging from small projects to massive production parts. Each press is fully equipped with CNC control mechanisms, guaranteeing that everything is manufactured with the same level of precision, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Sheet Rolling

Sheet rolling is a process that involves passing a bulk metal piece, such as a bar or pipe, between rollers to flatten it out, resulting in a component as thin as 0.0125 in. It is a cost-effective method of forming sheet metal parts because it only requires one simple step.

PDF utilizes a four-die CNC roller to ensure that our customers obtain authentic and high-quality products in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Most assembly processes refer to a method of combining sheet metal pieces. Metal components that have been cut, formed, or rolled can be combined using riveting and welding to produce more intricate and durable parts. Before assembly, these sheet metal parts were most likely manufactured using different methods.

PDF provides assembly and kit packaging to our customers as needed. We manufacture, test, and assemble products before they leave our facility, ensuring that everything functions properly when our customers receive them.

Additional Methods Available

In addition to laser cutting, metal forming, sheet rolling, and assembly, we also offer:

Benefits of Sheet Metal

Whether incorporating sheet metal into a design prototype or end-use product, the versatile material provides a high-quality result when manufacturing components. When composed of sheet metal, a component receives these additional benefits:

Reliable Strength

Sheet metal is a material that is better suited for stronger and longer-lasting products. It is also widely used and can be manipulated to produce results suitable for prototypes and production.


Sheet metal can be used for several purposes and comes in various materials such as aluminum, copper, and steel. Its properties, including durability, malleability, weight, conductivity, and corrosion resistance, generate versatile options to suit a broad array of project types.

Customized Finishes

Sheet metal is flexible in shape, size, and strength and can also be custom finished to meet various aesthetic and operational requirements. It allows transformation using anodizing, painting, plating, and powder coating processes to produce both visually appealing and functional finished products.

Sheet Metal Manufacturing From PDF

PDF takes pride in producing strong, functional, and aesthetically pleasing sheet metal parts using diverse fabrication methods. We are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, machinery, and expertise to meet customer needs for specialized sheet metal design and fabrication.

We at PDF strive to use cutting-edge technological tools and techniques for manufacturing sheet metal parts. We also guarantee quick returns in production with our dedication to efficiency and quality.

Contact us today for more information on our sheet metal manufacturing processes, or request a quote now!