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Parts Manufacturing

Process Development & Fabrication, Inc. (PDF, Inc.) manufactures components using the newest technology available in today’s ever-changing market. Our comprehensive portfolio of capabilities includes laser cutting, CNC forming, welding, robotic welding, and CNC machining. We can handle volumes ranging from prototyping to large-scale production. We can also perform ongoing contract manufacturing services as needed. We have worked hard to streamline our processes and shorten average lead times for our customers. As a result, our advanced metal part fabrication is efficient and affordable while still yielding excellent products.

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Metal Parts Fabrication Methods

At PDF, Inc., we know that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to metal parts manufacturing. We offer a full range of fabrication processes to ensure that every client gets the individualized results they need.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is a precise manufacturing method in which a high-powered laser beam cuts or engraves the workpiece. A key advantage of laser cutting is its versatility—a single laser cutter can often do the job of multiple traditional cutting machines, saving time and reducing labor costs. Etching, cutting, and drilling are all possible with a single laser cutting machine.

PDF, Inc. works with a set of nine laser tables, each with different laser parameters, to cut all manner of projects without reaching for other tooling. Whether it’s a small project or a high-volume production run, our laser cutters allow us to quickly achieve precise metal components with a smooth surface finish.

Metal Forming

Metal forming uses presses to reshape a metal workpiece without adding or removing any material. PDF, Inc. is equipped with a line of CNC presses capable of forming sheet metal, plates, and complex components with ultimate precision. We employ CNC automation for jobs both small and large, ensuring that every part you receive is precise and impeccably made.

CNC Punching

There are many fabrication scenarios where it is necessary to form multiple, precisely placed holes in a sheet or component. Able to achieve high repeatability in tight tolerances, CNC punching is the best way to ensure that holes of all shapes and sizes are perfectly positioned on the metal sheet. CNC punching machines can also generate certain geometric details in the metal, reducing the need to switch tools. Our Trumpf TruPunch 2020 creates parts quickly, with little waste, and at a minimal cost per part.

Sheet Rolling

Sheet rolling forms a uniform sheet of metal in one step. We feed raw material into a 4-die CNC roller, which quickly and accurately compresses the metal into a shape of the desired radius.

Metal Shearing

Metal shearing is used when clients need clean, precise cuts to thin metal. Our Atlantic shearing machines allow us to economically shear sheet metal, stainless, or aluminum up to ½-inch thick and 10 feet long.

Automatic Sawing

PDF, Inc.’s Marvel 2125 Touch Tech Auto Saw is key to our efficient and cost-effective metal fabrication services. With automatic sawing, the operator simply enters the project’s parameters into the computer, loads the material, and allows the machine to do the rest. This minimizes the risk of human error while maintaining the utmost precision. While automatic sawing is best suited for large projects consisting of multiple individual components, we use automatic sawing to save time and money on a range of client orders.

Robotic & Manual Welding

Robotic welding is an innovative process that completely automates a welding procedure. As a robotic welding company, we use this process to achieve clean, accurate finishes on a wide range of simple and complex products. In doing so, we are able to ensure precision and repeatability while passing the time savings onto the client. We currently have 8 cells consisting of 11 robot welders.

Some projects, however, are better served by traditional manual welding. Our manual welders are skilled and certified by the AWS and CWB, with capabilities including MIG, TIG, stick, and spot welding. Drawing on these methods, our team consistently achieves pristine, durable results for even highly complex weldments.

CNC Milling

Computer numerical controlled (CNC) milling is an automated, subtractive process used for drilling or cutting into a material. The design is programmed by an operator, after which the machine automatically makes various cuts on multiple axes. Machines may vary between 2–5 axes. In a milling machine, the cutting tools rotate and remove around the workpiece, while the workpiece itself remains still.

Our CNC mills can accommodate a variety of needs. We have four different CNC milling machines of varying size and tooling capabilities to ensure we can  handle orders of any type, large or small.

CNC Turning

CNC turning is another automated, subtractive process. A turning machine spins the workpiece rapidly on a lathe, and a turret-mounted cutting tool is moved along the workpiece to make the designed cuts.

Our Haas SL30 CNC turning machine produces 12-inch maximum short parts and holds tolerances within 0.001 inches. We also have two manual lathes that can handle longer parts.


At PDF, Inc., we use the following software in the metal parts manufacturing process:

How to Choose a Metal Parts Fabricator

There are a whole host of factors to consider when partnering with a metal parts fabricator. Above all, you are concerned with achieving quality results, so you need to carefully vet any prospective supplier to ensure that they have the experience and technical capabilities to deliver on their promises. Also important is their ability to work within your budget and timeframe.

At PDF, Inc., we offer an ideal combination of experience, diverse service offerings, and proven expertise to manufacture all manner of metal components.

Value-Added Services

Another consideration in choosing a metal fabricator is their range of offerings. The best suppliers provide value-added secondary services after fabrication to simplify the process. PDF, Inc. offers the following value-added services so that we can complete many projects completely in-house:

We also offer engineering, prototyping, and design services to support clients from conception through design and production. These services are available at multiple steps of the design process and include:

Expert Metal Manufacturing at PDF, Inc.

PDF, Inc. is a specialty design and fabrication supplier, offering expert services from design to production and assembly. Our metal fabrication capabilities are extensive, having tackled projects ranging from small components to entirely new plant designs. Our state-of-the-art facility allows us to execute projects with speed and precision.

To learn more about our range of metal fabrication services, or to inquire about a larger project, contact us or request a quote today.

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