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New Laser and Press

We have recently made some investments in new equipment which has allowed us to provide our customers with the most cost effective and innovative machine capabilities on the market. Our first addition was the Cincinnati CL-900 Fiber Optic Laser. This machine offers high speed laser cutting and lower operating costs which allows us to pass those cost savings along to you, the customer. Rather than using cumbersome tech tables, the CL-900 computes optimum power and the fastest possible cutting speed for any material on the fly.

Our most recent addition was a Cincinnati Pro Form 350 Ton Press. With its 14’ wide bed, CNC controls and a 5 axis back gauge, we can ensure parts are made with the same great precision and quality each and every time. We are very excited about these new additions to our shop and look forward to providing our customers with new capabilities and some of the highest quality in the industry.


We have added another expansion onto our building! We have added on a total of 30,000 square feet onto the back of the building. This addition has given us new fabrication floor space and provided more space for production. It is very exciting to look out the back of the shop and see the progress we have made.

New Equipment

We have recently invested in some new equipment. We have purchased a Cincinnati CL-850 5000 watt laser, which has many features, including a linear motor, dual pallets, a touch screen human machine interface, and an 5′ x 10′ table size, and 2 Cincinnati CL-440 4000 watt lasers. We have also purchased a Mighty Viper Pro 3210 for large CNC milling and a TRUMPF TruPunch 2020 punching machine, which features increased productivity, flexible productions, automation in a small space, and reliability. These products can be found on their manufacturers’ websites: Cincinnati, Mighty USA, and TRUMPF.

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